We all have our opinions. Here are some of ours:

Meet new requirements with a smile.

» A plea for Plex

CA Plex has been around now for some 15 years. Too long? Maturity has always taken time. Whatever your implementation platform may be, Plex delivers, from a business perspective.

  • Transparency is the goal.
  • Create business software without coding source code.
  • Implement corporate wide standardisation.
  • Reduce maintenance costs dramatically.

All this sound like a dream? Great! Life doesn't have to be tough. Plex, implemented strategically, with full commitment of those involved will increase development throughput, decrease cost and deepen stability. Plex in a disciplined development environment is the best.


Syntactically yours

» Belt and Braces

For years, the lucky ones among us haven't had to worry about forgetting a full stop or a brace. Have been able to navigate rather than endlessly scroll through code. Have not been confronted with cryptic names. It shocks, that today's cutting edge technology is so incredibly cryptic, technically orientated and sometimes just plain difficult to understand. Many is the tutorial we've gone through. Nearly every error made was syntactical, a full stop here a brace there.


» Still 2E after all these years

Who would have thought that this development tool would still be pushing out code 25 years after its inception. There aren't many software products out there that have stayed the course this well. While now looking somewhat dated, the basic concepts on which this product is based still hold true. A recent foray into the world of Ruby on Rails and its implementation of the MVC model immediately brought back memories of 2E's data driven design.
2E, ahead of its time?


A question of fundamentals

» 2E and System i...what else?

Well, we are realists, so maybe there are a few alternatives. However, the fundamental things still apply, even though so much time has gone by (groan). So what we know is still applicable using new technology, be it Apple, Rails, Java etc. Kowing the technology is important but understanding the enterprise is fundamental.